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​​There's so much going on in Miami, it's impossible to keep up with it all. We're building a library of local content think the "Netflix of Miami" to allow people to discover what's happening locally on mobile and TV.

BRIDGE amplifies and supports local businesses & organizations in Miami to connect people to what’s happening around them. We broadcast for the locals, with the locals in the Magic City.

Video Production with Built In Distribution

BRIDGE Networks provides video services from idea to distribution. Our affordable production services allow businesses to showcase their products and services to drive traffic and local discovery. We can broadcast across your channels, our platforms and more to maximize on your video content.

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Currently there are 140 million businesses on social media vying for our attention on saturated feeds. Local is getting lost on social media. BRIDGE amplifies local businesses & organizations above the noise.

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Let's get you seen.

People won’t find your video if they don’t know you exist. BRIDGE is the home for local content discovery & on-demand distribution.

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